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Actionable Zero-Waste

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Zero-waste is an initiative aiming to minimize waste and maximize reuse. Over the past few months I've taken interest in this philosophy and have managed to incorporate its key principles into day-to-day life.

Resources are aplenty on the internet describing zero-waste. This post contains a collection of easily actionable zero-waste ideas. Practically none of these ideas are novel, I've collected them from elsewhere on the internet. The point here is to concisely list them to make action easy.

Conventional Method Zero-Waste Method Reason
Paper-towels Micro-fiber Cloths Reusable microfiber cloths avoid waste and are more effective than paper-towels for many cleaning tasks.
Bottled Soap & Shampoo Soap & Shampoo Bars Bars avoid plastic packaging, usually stored in cardboard. Can be easily packed for travel.
Garbage Bags Grocery Bags Rather than purchasing garbage bags, simply use grocery bags (plastic or paper) in smaller garbage cans. (1) the bag is reused and (2) it saves you money.
Plastic Water Bottles Vacuum-sealed Water Bottle (1) significant reduction in plastic waste and (2) keeps your drink hot / cold for hours.
Single-use Straws Metal Straw (1) reduces plastic waste.

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